We are on our way

We are on our way, finally! Although weeks of preparation rushed by and we have not really been able to let the fact that we are really leaving pass through our minds until the last moment, it was just an awesome feeling when our plane left for Kathmandu – or actually London. Spending a night at Schiphol was pretty uncomfortable, fortunately we had a decent nap at London Heathrow and Indira Gandhi Airport in Delhi. Our luggage was checked through to Kathmandu after a bit of paperwork and once arrived in Nepal we arranged our visa for 90 days.

Our first Kathmandu impressions will follow in the next blog, first a small review of the last few days in the Netherlands. We were overwhelmed by all the lovely and kind messages, apps, phone calls and postcards of people wishing us a great trip. We even had to think about renting a sherpa to bring all the good-luck charms. While we were already preparing for days before departure to pack our backpacks, we finally cramped our stuff in our bags the very last moment: 13 kg for Ruben, 12 kg for Nadieh. So our target weight of 10 kg is not met, it’s always an option to sell our walking boots when leaving Nepal!

Before we moved into the departure hall of Schiphol, we decided to end our day in Amsterdam with the Michiel de Ruyter movie at the Tuschinski.

An appropriate way to start our journey.